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COVID Update: Impact of Mutations and Variants
How Much Water Is Enough?
Gift-Giving Without Environmental Damage
COVID-19 Update October 2021
Diet for a Healthy Planet
In Pursuit of Happiness
Editorial: Why I Still Mask-Up
COVID: Tidbits about Vaccines, Antibodies, Contagiousness, Variants and Treatment
COVID: Pfizer-BNT COVID Vaccine Supply & Adverse Reactions
COVID: Novel mRNA COVID Vaccines – Prime Time or Premature?
COVID: Vaccines - History, Types, Safety & Efficacy
COVID: Pandemic Disease Panorama
COVID: Information Update
COVID: Viral Immunity - Part 1
COVID: Viral Virulence, Part 2
COVID: What Determines the Virulence? Part One
COVID: Symptom Correction, Soap vs. Sanitizer & Clever Video That Explains a Lot
COVID: Who's At Risk & What's the Deal with Hydroxychlorquine?
How (and Why) to Benefit from Even Partial Vegetarianism
Be Calm with Theanine
Collagen Supplement Fad
Surviving the Holidays Healthfully
U.S. Dietary Guidelines Revision
CBD Oil’s Medical Uses
A Variety of Milks
Capsaicin, the Un-American, Natural, Pain-Relief Cream
Some Like It Sweet
Aspirin for All???
Good or Bad Egg
A Car-less Present to Myself
‘Health’ Gifts that Work (or Don’t)
Exotic Fruits – Nutrition Trove or Hype?
Obscenely High Medication Price Genesis
Stomach Problems? Try Food
Why Do Medical Professionals Still Say That a 3500 Calorie Deficit Equals a Lost Pound?
New Data About Oldsters Exercising
Salt by Any Other Name…
Heartburn Treatment – It’s Complicated
Fad Supplement: Nitric Oxide Pills
Memory-Impairing Drugs
Superfoods! … Really?
Internal Clocks Run Our Lives
Guns, Doctors, Children and First Amendment Rights
Love Your Poop
The Paleo Diet
Hot Air Sauna Burns
Medication Metabolism: Sex and Race Variability
Oaxaca Medicinal Plant Lore
How to Live to 100
A New California Law & End of Life Decisions
Exercise and Amino Acids – an Anti-Aging Duo
Electronic Health Records & You – Be Very Afraid
Old & Old-looking Skin
Anti-Aging Skin Products
Skin Cream Guinea Pig
Promise of youth: Cosmetic Procedures
Slowing Aging: Is It Possible?
Blueberry Super-Food?
Juicing Pros and Cons
‘Sulfa’ Drug Allergy
When Life Calms Down…
Cholesterol-Lowering Statin Drugs and Diabetes
Do Calcium Supplements Increase Cardio-Vascular Deaths?
Sodium: Dogma, Doubt, Delusion and Just What Is Desirable?
Public Nutrition Policy, Science and Change
Chili Pepper Therapy for Pain and Weight Loss
A Cynical Look at the New Cholesterol Treatment Guidelines
Preventing Illness this Influenza Season
Gluten Intolerance – Fad or Reality?
Proposed Trans-Fat Ban
The Affordable Care Act, Covered California, & Insurance Companies
Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi Mushroom) Possible Benefits
Fish Oil & Prostate Cancer Scare
Kombucha Tea
Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor
Young People Want to Understand Nutrition
The ‘Best’ Diet
Diet Sodas – Panacea or Risk?
Cola Drinks and Bone Density
How to Get a Bikini Body
Coconut Oil
Healthy California
Update on Obamacare
Sexualized Child Models
How to Dispose of Your Medicine Cabinet Contents
Time Has Come For Natural Shapes
Latest Fad: ASEA Water
Cholesterol-Lowering Statins: Diabetes and Other Side Effects
Breast Cancer Part IV: Fat, Obesity and Exercise
Getting the Most Out Of Your Doctor, March 2012
How to Eat: A Review of Three of Michael Pollan’s Books
Part 3: Breast Cancer and Chemical Substances
Prostate Cancer & Chemical Substances
Nutritional Supplements & Death
Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor: How Nice Is Best?
Fiber 101
Are You a Supertaster?
Flawless Skin and Marketing
New Studies, Old Knowledge in Eating Disorders
Short Subjects
Preventing Breast Cancer Part 2: Vegies & Fruits
Preventing Prostate Cancer Part 2: Vegies & Fruits
Death by Car
Q & A, May 2011
Preventing Breast Cancer Part I: Darkness
Preventing Prostate Cancer: Darkness
Save a Life: Prevent Whooping Cough
Vitamin D Controversy
Entitlement Vignettes: Irksome How Much Salt?
Health Care Reform Has Started!
Healthy LEED Buildings
Herb of the Month: Dill
Climate Change Explained in a Health Context
Osteoporosis Medication Update
B12 and Weight Loss???
Vitamin D - Wellness Vitamin?
Community MRSA Infections
The Recession and Health
Running & Arthritis
Your High HDL-Cholesterol
CoenzymeQ Controversy
H1N1 Influenza
Ovarian Cancer Screening
Resveratrol & Age
Sugar & the AHA
Diets That Work
Exercise Myth
Getting the Most Out of your Doctor
Healthcare Reform
Zicam, Zinc, Colds
Folate Benefit & Risk
How Much Cigarette Tax Boost
Criteria for DM & Met Syndrome
Eating Disorder Vignettes
Fish Oil
NEDA Awareness Week
Women's Health USA 2008
HFA Inhalers
Preventing Heart Disease with Exercise
Fraud & Abuse
Kick Butts in 2009
Healthy Choices Winter Reminders
Organ Donation
Ranting and Raving about Exercise
Coronary Artery Calcium Screening
Non-Caloric Sweetener Rant
Intentional Herbal Contamination
How Well Do You Like Your Body
Non-Caloric Sweeteners
Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
We Need Our Bacteria
Colon Cleanse
Takes Inches Off
Being a Good Hospital Visitor
All About Chocolate
Fructose Q & A
Avandia, Diabetes & Heart Disease
Vytorin & Heart Disease
Diabetes & Heart Disease
Exercise Excuse Cantata
Don't Just Sit There, Help Science
Teaching Medicine in Peru
Aspirin Resistance
Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor
Colloidal Silver
Help Health Volunteers Overseas
Estrogen & Heart Disease
Exercise Dose
Appearance Obsession
Grade School Curricula
Calorie Inflation
Gymnema Sylvestre
High School Nutrition Attitudes
Getting the Most Out Of your Doctor
Second Hand Death
Hoping for Health in Honduras
HDL & Pfizer
Cholesterol Basics
Getting the Most Out Of your Doctor
A Wonderful Lady & I am Beautiful
Tylenol Toxicity
Influenza Vaccine
Spinach & E.Coli
Getting the Most Out of your Doctor
A Bone Conundrum
Mangosteen Mania
Metabolic Syndrome
Heard In the ER
Herbs & Hypertension
Preventing Diabetes
Sulfa Allergy
Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor
Snap Shot of Medicine in Peru
Game of Chicken Anyone
And You Thought You Had It Bad
Banana Equivalents
In Search of Fitness In Lima
Red Yeast Rice
Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor
Calcium & Vitamin D
Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor
Medicine in Peru
Banana Bust
Chew on this Stogey
DOJ versus Big Tobacco
Influenza Panic
Echinacea for Colds
Trekking In the Tatras
Responses to Letters
Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor
My Pyramid
St Johns Wort
Getting the Most Out Of Your Doctor
Will Your Defibrillator Short Circuit
Death by Purity
West Nile Virus
Rantings and Ravings
The Theresa Schiavo Case
Living Will
Persistent Vegetative State
COX2 Anti-inflammatories
Cinnamon and Diabetes