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DrG's Medisense Newsletter

Helps you to make the best decisions about caring for your body. The usual media and news blurbs focus on the latest studies, without putting them into the context of what is already known. They don't address how the study was done or on whom it was done. Without doing that, how are you to know if the result applies to you? DrG's MediSense Newsletter helps you to know.

DrG's MediSense Newsletter contains articles about:
    • nutrition issues
    • latest medical news
    • doctor-patient relationship
    • herbs and supplements
    • physical activity
    • body weight
    • medications
    • disease conditions

Because you are an extraordinary manifestation of unique genetic material, think first, before applying any or all of these articles' information to your life choices. Healthy Choices for Mind and Body is trying to pass along information and interpret medical and nutrition news reports for you, within the framework of information already known and the limitations of how the studies were done. Any opinion is clearly indentified as such.

DrG Hopes that medical science continues to advance and makes some articles' information and advice obsolete and perhaps even downright wrong. Nothing, especially medical inforamtion is stagnant.

Disclaimer: Articles this size can't possibly contain every bit of information that was ever published on a subject. Distillation may leave some things out: Hopefully not curcial pieces. This newsletter offers some insight. It is not a doctor's prescription. PLEASE discuss any changes in therapy or lifestyle with your doctor. You accept your own risk when making decisions about your health.

DrG's MediSense Newsletter is a service of Healthy Choices for Mind and Body, a 501(c)3 non-profit, educational organization.